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Posted on 24 November 2012 by Docuthinker

Good morning and welcome! And what a beautiful morning it is. Thank you for joining me every Thursday as I weave “docs in the morning” with some food for thought- and for the soul. Together, we will explore the social dramas and cultural performances reflected in the best that documentary has to offer. I find some of my inspiration from the great anthropologist Victor Turner, and his notion of ritual. Seen as an arena in which social change may emerge and be absorbed into social practice; Turner’s version of ‘ritual’ informs our own morning ritual with docs. I invite you to join in on featured posts about reviews, films, festivals, and new formats and technologies. An emergence of work within conferences and galleries by such groups as “Documentary Now,” “Visible Evidence,” and the “Tenderpixel Gallery,” for example, reflects diverse cultural and political contexts, and is a prominent feature of the reviews section of this blog. Join me as I engage with the exciting and new critical developments within documentary and contemporary media production.

Recently, my morning documentary rituals have been influenced by gluten free eating- and this new diet has inspired me to seek out recipes from some of the best new cookbooks like the one I found at Anthropology- “ Small Plates and Sweet Treats: My Family’s Journey to gluten Free Cooking” by Aran Goyoaga, and some clever internet finds as well. So come in, sit down and relax. In a moment we will enjoy some gluten free eating. What better way to share my passion with you, then over a delicious meal? With an over abundance of shallots left over from a recent trip to the farmers market, I came upon, a lovely site and a fantastic recipe. And Look! They really are gorgeous- petit, fluffy and a little sweet-and so easy to prepare in the muffin tin. I’ve served them up on some exquisite chinaware just for fun! I invite you for a delicious meal and an interesting review.

So, put your napkin in your lap. And your fuzzy slippers up on your chair! Enjoy- with a clear and gluten free mind!

And, with the view of Mexican sage, mountain tops, and the sent of lavender from the garden…What a great way to start a new day- and tear into my next review “The Cinema of Me: The Self and Subjectivity in First Person Documentary.”

Stay tuned for this published review that features top scholars on first person film, and, spans various modalities such as i-movie, home movie, essay film and blog- in the IDA Ezine!

À la semaine prochaine!

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I am a London and California based writer and independent scholar. I have a professional background in documentary film production, and have worked with the George Lucas Educational Foundation on Web documentaries about public education.

My research background includes British and international cinema, as well as an interdisciplinary research training from London, in social and cultural theory. I'm currently writing a book, Unstable Intersections: The Films of Lourdes Portillo.

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